Study of Water Supply and Sanitation Provision in Mumbai Slums

August 2014

The PAS team undertakes documentation of good practices to achieve equity in service delivery. One such documentation is on the local community-level adaptation of group water connections scheme in Mumbai slums which was introduced by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). It describes a practical response of covering the slums of the city under its water supply network. In highly dense slum localities, granting individual water connections to eligible slum dwellers was a technical and physical challenge for the MCGM. To address this, the MCGM introduced this scheme for notified slums of the city. This case study elaborates the process adopted by slum households in Mumbai to use this scheme to meet water needs of slum households in Mumbai.
 A similar study was undertaken for the Sanitation sector. It analyses the sanitation scenario in slums - toilets facilities, wastewater collection and conveyance, stormwater drainage as well as solid waste management - as they actually exist on the ground. In doing so, it also captures the user group dynamics and the localised innovations that have evolved organically to gain accessibility to and assure sustenance of the sanitation infrastructure.