WASH data

CWAS has developed an online SLB-PAS module, a web-based system for systematic collection and analysis of water supply, wastewater, solid waste management and stormwater drainage. This module has been operationalised since 2010 and over time, it has been improved by incorporating various inbuilt data validation checks. Inbuilt data validation function checks correctness, logic and inter-relation of input data into the online system.

Various capacity-building workshops were conducted to train the government officers for use of this module. It has created one of the largest databases on urban water supply and sanitation in India. This database is useful for monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goal 6, target 6.1 and 6.2 of safely managed sanitation services in urban areas at the state and city level.

To facilitate the use of performance indicators, various online dashboards have been generated at the city and state levels.

Various interactive dashboards are available to provide easy access to the powerful, visually intuitive, data analysis capabilities. It allows KPIs and more detailed indicators.

Based on the performance information, various assessment reports are prepared at the state and national levels. These reports provide an overview of water supply, wastewater management, solid waste management and stormwater drainage sectors service levels.