At CWAS, our mission is to ensure sustainable and equitable access to safe water and sanitation services at scale. In order to achieve this, CWAS has contributed across various aspects of equity with a focus on service delivery for the urban poor. Under PAS, the service level benchmarks were aligned to the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) framework, but CWAS introduced the distinctive feature of capturing aspects of equity through indicators for service delivery in urban slums. The PAS framework captures coverage of household-level services in slum settlements. CWAS has actively contributed to various national and international platforms to amplify our work on equity. 

CWAS has been closely associate with the city governments to support and strength their efforts designing and implementing WASH service delivery for urban slums. A number of City Studies and Support to selected cities were carried out to assess issues related to equity.

Another aspect of equity is integrating gender inclusivity across our work at CWAS. CWAS has initiated support to Swachh Maharashtra Mission for a state-level gender-inclusive strategy for sanitation. At the city level, various interventions for gender inclusivity have been implemented in  Wai under the CWIS Program. At CWAS we strongly believe on the importance of bringing safety and dignity to sanitation workers for which CWAS  work in Wai which has been scaled up to more cities in Maharashtra.