Global South Academic Conclave on WASH and Climate linkages


2nd - 4th February, 2024

Venue: CEPT University - CFP Building | Ahmedabad


Center for Water and Sanitation, CRDF in collaboration with Faculty of Planning, CEPT University and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


In recent years, there is an emerging recognition of linkages between climate change and WASH. A better understanding of these links is critical for making WASH services climate resilient.

Many countries in the Global South have achieved significant progress towards sustainable water and sanitation services, while mitigating and adapting to climate change. Climate response will also require a renewed focus on improved access to services at home. With varied approaches being used across countries, knowledge in the Global South can be an effective catalyst for accelerating development towards SDGs and climate resilience. Peer-to-peer learning will help provide practical insights about approaches that work, and pitfalls to avoid.

In this context, a South-to-South Conclave amongst academic institutions is being organised to focus on cross learning across countries and regions.

The Conclave will be held between 2nd to 4th February, 2024 in Ahmedabad, India.


Conclave Proceedings



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Thematic areas

theme 1

WASH policies in countries of Global South

To highlight key policies for universal access to WASH services, by different countries for improving water and sanitation services, with a focus on policy and strategy reflections, challenges and results.

theme 2

Mitigation and Adaptation in WASH services for climate resilience

To highlight linkages of climate change with WASH, ongoing efforts and innovative approaches for adaptation and mitigation measures, and way forward.


theme 3

Measuring WASH outcomes, and their climate impacts

To showcase monitoring systems, smart indicators, IOT based tools and systems for measuring and monitoring WASH-Climate outcomes.


theme 4

Innovative financing for WASH from a climate lens

To highlight and assess conventional and innovative financing models for WASH services from a Climate lens, discussing potential and challenges.

theme 1

Strengthening role of women in WASH - climate service delivery

Approaches taken by different countries/ regions / cities to enhance the role of women in WASH and Climate resilience activities. Focus on policy and strategy, approaches and challenges to strengthen the role of women.

theme 6

Last mile connectivity for WASH services in slums and low income neighbourhoods for climate resilience

Innovative approaches used for providing the ‘last mile connectivity’ for WASH services to ensure climate resilience, especially for women, children and the vulnerable. This can be through government programmes, improved administration and smart subsidies.



Keynote Speakers

theme 4

Aromar Revi

Director | Indian Institute for Human Settlements

theme 2

Barbara Evans

Chair - Public Health Engineering - School of Civil Engineering | University of Leeds

theme 1

Brian Arbogast

Director - Water, Sanitation & Hygiene | Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)

theme 6

Juliet Willets

Professor - Institute for Sustainable Futures | University of Technology Sydney

theme 1

Kalanithy Vairavamoorthy

Executive Director | IWA

theme 3

Thammarat Koottatep

Professor - Environmental Engineering Management | Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)




Field visits - Ahmedabad

field visit 1

Slum improvement program

field visit 2

Step wells of Ahmedabad

filed visit 3

Heritage walk in Ahmedabad






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