“You can not manage and improve what you do not measure” is an old management adage that is very relevant to municipal service delivery. A city cannot manage its services and improve them if it does not measure them. Access to water and sanitation services in urban India is widespread. However, there is limited information on the quantity of water reaching the residents, the quality of the water, access for poor households and the efficiency of the water supply and sanitation system.

For new investments in water and sanitation to be effective, it is important to assess the performance of the existing system and ensure its sustainability and reach to the poor and unserved population. Performance assessment is an important tool for urban local governments/ service providers to address problems across various sectors. CWAS has developed various assessment frameworks and toolkits for sector assessment, city assessment and finance assessment. These frameworks and tools are useful for local governments, service providers, consultants or researchers.  

The Performance Assessment System (PAS) programme has created a well-functioning performance measurement and monitoring system for urban water and sanitation. More than 1000  cities in India of diverse geography and varied levels of development have used this online system as a self-assessment tool and track their performance level. The use of the information is facilitated through dashboards.

Various decision support tools and improvement plans have been developed to assist local service providers. These tools have been extensively used by a wide range of stakeholders.