Improvement plans

CWAS approach for performance improvement emphasises on service level and information system improvement, instead of a project planning approach of only creating infrastructure. Various tools and approaches are prepared to facilitate the preparation of service levels and information system improvement plans for water supply, sanitation and solid waste management at the city and state level. These have been widely disseminated in various national and international workshops.

Performance improvement approach and tools are based on data-driven decision-making, using performance assessment data. It focuses on developing appropriate actions while considering the long-term financial implications of these reforms. These tools have been tested through city application for the preparation of service level improvement plan. CWAS also supported cities for service level improvement plans in priority areas; these are open defecation, faecal sludge management, 24x7 water supply, Non-revenue water, cost recovery, services in slums, etc.

To facilitate reliable information, information system improvement planning was taken up as an integral part of the performance assessment initiative. Several cities were supported for review of their information systems and step-wise guidance was provided to update information systems periodically and produce reliable data for decision-making.