Safety of sanitation workers

At CWAS, we believe that equity encompasses other aspects besides service delivery. We aim to widen our scope to vulnerable groups such as sanitation workers. Generally, sanitation workers face significant challenges on multiple fronts- financial, health and social.  CWAS  has focused on ensuring safety of sanitation workers.

At State level, CWAS team envisages support for capacity building and trainings of sanitation workers and ULB staff towards use of mechanized cleaning, use and monitoring of personal protective equipments (PPE), promotion of innovative technologies to ensure safety of sanitation workers.

At city level CWAS has been able to support ULBs to institutionalize safety of sanitation workers. In Wai, under the City Wide Inclusive Sanitation Program (CWIS) CWAS  has demonstrated how safety of sanitation workers can be institutionalized. Capacity building remains the backbone for all our work at CWAS. Workshops and health camps in pilot cities were organised to orient sanitation workers to use PPE. ULB and private contractors were sensitised to monitor and address complaints. Efforts are ongoing to amplify the work demonstrated in the pilot cities and to scale up across the State of Maharashtra.

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