Water secure and climate resilient cities Anjar and Gandhidham: Citywide Assessment

January 2024

Water security is a pressing global issue that affects communities, ecosystems, and economies worldwide. Climate change and resultant uncertain weather patterns is further making cities more susceptible to water scarcity. Indian cities are no different. Government of India (GoI), under its AMRUT (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation) program, focuses on making cities water secure and self-sufficient through circular economy of water.
In this context, CWAS-CEPT university in partnership with Empowerment foundation and Dasra is supporting cities of Anjar and Gandhidham to move towards water security. These cities are situated in the arid region of Kachchh (Gujarat) in India and are characterized as water stressed, drought-prone areas with erratic rainfall pattern. As a first step, a detailed assessment of the existing water supply system in both the cities has been carried out. This study identifies the key challenges and issues across the water service chain in the two cities. Based on the findings, the study also suggests the various steps which the cities can take to become water secure and climate resilient. The recommendations will further be elaborated in the water security action plan of the cities.