ISO webinar Series: ISO standards across the NSS chain

September 2023

International Standards Organisation (ISO) play a significant role in all aspects of services, goods, production and more. It plays a crucial role in ensuring sanitation practices are effective, efficient and safe. By creating international sanitation standards, human health, safety, and the environment can be protected (ANSI sanitation).

The ISO standards for non-sewered sanitation services across the sanitation chain are available. There are standards for sanitation, though not adopted and included in their regulations in many countries. There is a need for awareness and understanding of these standards which will support in building robust sanitation systems. In this context, a series of webinars are organized to understand the ISO standards available across the non-sewered sanitation value chain. 
The webinars are organized by Center for Water and Sanitation (CWAS), CRDF, CEPT University in partnership with Global Sanitation Centre of Excellence (GSCOE), Indian Institute of Technology, Pallakad, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).

Four webinars were organized covering all the ISO standards available for non-sewered sanitation:

•    Webinar 1: Introduction to ISO standards across the NSS chain (12th September, 2023)
•    Webinar 2: Detailed presentation on ISO 30500 (7th November 2023)
•    Webinar 3:  Detailed presentation on ISO  24521 (20th February 2024) 
•    Webinar 4:  Detailed presentation on ISO 31800 (4th April 2023)