PAS-CWIS assessment framework : Discussion note

December 2022

This note has been prepared as part of our ongoing work on city wide inclusive sanitation (CWIS) focusing on how the self-reported data on sanitation reported by urban local bodies under Performance Assessment System (PAS) could be used to access performance of cities towards provision of inclusive sanitation services. The note also describes the need for adopting the CWIS approach and how leading global organizations in the WASH sector have been advocating on the need of implementing the CWIS approach.

The note provides a brief on the themes that have been covered under PAS and how they are related to the CWIS framework that has been developed by BMGF (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). Based on the themes that have co-relation indicators have been designed using data from PAS and those have been used to arrive at the PAS-CWIS index.

The PAS-CWIS index is then used to prepare the PAS-CWIS Ladder wherein the index is plotted against service outcome and system function. The PAS-CWIS ladder assesses performance of sanitation service provision from a CWIS perspective. Interactive dashboards have been prepared for three PAS states. The dashboard displays performance at both State and city level. The PAS-CWIS ladder could be used as an advocacy tool for government and other stakeholders to take informed decisions regarding implementing and improving inclusive and safe sanitation.