Operation review of Faecal Sludge Treatment Plants in Maharashtra

March 2023

Over 300 cities in Maharashtra are dependent on onsite sanitation systems. The state government has taken decisive action to prioritize the entire sanitation value chain and has adapted a robust strategy that includes the construction of new Faecal Sludge Treatment Plants (FSTPs) across 300+ ULBs of Maharashtra which are entirely dependent on onsite sanitations systems. With over 170 FSTPs operational (till date May 2022), it became important to assess their performance and ensure their effectiveness. To address this, the Maharashtra Environmental Engineering Training and Research Academy (MEETRA) conducted a comprehensive study to review the operational processes of FSTPs. This study focused on four cities, analysing the city-wise operations and maintenance practices of FSTPs. The report aims to provide valuable insights into the operational processes of FSTPs in Maharashtra and serve as a resource for stakeholders involved in the improvement of sanitation systems.