Exploring Climate Finance in WASH

May 2023

It is estimated that an additional $0.9 billion to $2.3 billion a year will be required to ensure that new water and sanitation infrastructure is climate resilient. These investments, which are insignificant, account for about 1% of the baseline infrastructure investment requirements and will cut the risk of damage to new infrastructure by 50%. Although a significant amount of climate financing is available for climate projects, most of the funds go to the energy sector, and there isn't much funding available for the WASH sector. Cities need funding or a source of financing for their climate projects to implement the adaptation, mitigation, and resilient projects. While the WASH sector receives 11% of climate finance globally, it only receives 5% in India. To finance climate projects, it is necessary to investigate various climate finance sources.

This Directed Research Project - Exploring Climate Finance for WASH investigates the landscape of global finance architecture, the different financing options available to fund climate resilient projects through funding instruments like green bonds, municipal bonds, carbon credit and funding allocated through government grants, missions and programs.