Data system strengthening of water and sanitation services

April 2023

Performance Assessment System (PAS) has created one of the largest databases of urban water and sanitation services in India. The effectiveness of performance assessment for meaningful management decisions depends on the systems that generate the data to compute the performance. To address the data reliability challenges, the online PAS module includes questions related to data systems and data management for each key performance indicators. The reliability grade is generated automatically based on results of standard questions. Over the years, various studies and support has been provided for data system improvement in pilot cities of Gujarat and Maharashtra states.

This slide deck covers the PAS approach to data system strengthening, overview of various data system improvement initiatives, analysis of improvements in data reliability and recommendations for strengthening water and sanitation data systems. Analysis of reliability improvements is based on the data in the online PAS module, and insights provided by 550+ cities of Gujarat and  Maharashtra states of India.

Water and sanitation data system in Indian cities is evolving as cities strive to overcome various challenges in delivering safe and reliable water and sanitation services. We believe, by improving data systems, cities can gain a deeper understanding of improvement areas. The true potential of data will be unleashed when it is used for predictive and prescriptive analytics, empowering cities to achieve services that are equitable, efficient, sufficient, and sustainable.