CWAS @ Water Security and Climate Adaptation Conference 2023

October 2023

The first Water Security and Climate Adaptation (WSCA), 2023 conference organized by DAAD Global Centres for Climate and Environment as well as Global Centres for Health and Pandemics; at IIT Chennai; focused on “Adaptation and Mitigation through Sustainable Development.” The event highlighted the importance of sustainability in water-related topics and emphasized the need for the same to scientists, engineers, policymakers, and industries. The overarching objective of the conferences was to proliferate the exchange of knowledge and practical know-how on the intrinsic relationship between water security and climate change adaptation, best practice implementation and with a view to advance research strategies in this domain that will further take forward our goals for sustainable development in efficient water management.
CWAS participated in the various events of the conference. Professor Meera Mehta as the keynote speaker presented “Making cities inclusive, climate resilient and sustainable. Professor Dinesh Mehta was part of the High-Level Panel Discussion, where the role of educational institutes in the field of water security and climate adaptation was discussed. Abstract presentation was made on Reducing carbon emissions through use of renewable energy in WASH services in cities of Maharashtra, India and on Moving towards water secure and climate resilient cities – Case of two cities in Gujarat.