Public goods mindset

CWAS views Water and Sanitation as public goods and endeavors to work with administration for service improvements.

Government engagement at all levels

CWAS supports design, develop and implement policies and monitoring systems with governments at city, state, and national levels through amplification and evidence sharing.

Action-Oriented Research and Innovation

CWAS designs and delivers appropriate and sustainable solutions for water and sanitation backed by action on the field in partnership with other ecosystem players. CWAS believes in systemic interventions and aims to foster strong relationships with key stakeholders with alignment on longer-term outcomes

Learning Culture and Academic Roots

Borne out of academic grounding, CWAS maintains close linkages to the academic body at CEPT and aims to develop and test innovative approaches and translate to CEPT's academic programmes.

Working at scale

CWAS aims to develop implementable and scalable solutions instead of one-off pilots. Findings from action-research projects at city level are translated into policies and programmes at state and national level.